5 resources on Hypermedia Authentication API for browser-less authentication

  1. What is it?

The Hypermedia Authentication API lets you make another step in increasing User Experience and security of your applications. It enables you to create a seamless experience for your users, as all of the authentication process can be fulfilled within the application, without the need of leaving the app to authenticate in the browser.

But what is it and what are its benefits? This brief overview helps to answer these questions: What is Hypermedia Authentication API by Curity.

2. Why is Hypermedia Authentication API the future of authentication?

Authenticating with an API has long been the holy grail for mobile developers and recently also web developers. And now it has finally been achieved.

Read Jacob Ideskog’s article for the Nordic APIs blog to learn more: Authentication as a Hypermedia API.

3. Is it secure and reliable?

Short answer: yes. Applications consuming the Hypermedia Authentication API are as safe, if not safer, than those that do not.

For a detailed answer, download this free whitepaper on the security aspects of OAuth and OpenID Connect in HAAPI: Hypermedia Authentication API Security in Detail.

4. Can it be used in open banking scenarios?


One of the most common authentication patterns in open banking is App2App login, as it helps third-parties use native authentication methods. To enable the best UX and a high degree of flexibility, it is recommended to allow the server to drive the authentication workflow. To enable this, Hypermedia Authentication API might be the best method to dictate a robust App2App authentication scheme.

For more details, read a blog post by Daniel Lindau on the Curity blog: Using Hypermedia to Perform App2App Logins

5. How to run App2App with HAAPI?

Check out this tutorial: App2App Logins via Hypermedia Authentication API.

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